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Sports Day Activities

Active Education can help run your sports day activities

  • Cost effective
  • Mobile services reduce the program load for teachers who can join in with students
  • Provided by experienced & professional Active Education staff  using current educational practices

Our range of activities are planned to be 

  • Engaging
  • Fun
  • Promote Good Sports
  • Can be both Competative and Teamwork focused

So... Why not take the effort out of running those activity rotations at your sports day and have Active Education do it for you. 


Our Selection of Fun Sports Day Activities include

Golden Oldies
Tug O War, 3-legged race, Sack Races etc.
Cornhole & Kubb
Two favourite International group games
Parachute Games
Session of Parachute games
Water Fun
A range of water activities, great for hot weather
A rubber chicken Mini Olympics
Big Games
Range of big board games to play
Indigenous Games
Series of cultural games from around Australia
Tailored Program
Specialised program designed to suit your needs

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