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Bushwalking Expedition

Your students develop personal responsibility in the context of a bushwalking or kayaking journey.    

Suits: Years 7 - 9
Locations: Multiple Locations (See below)
Program Length: Camps & Day Programs
Combine With: Team Building, Environmental Studies, Kayaking, River Murray Studies

Benefits of our Journey Based Programs

All equipment (tents, rucksacks, trangias and sleep mats) along with lightweight camping food is supplied.

Journeys focus on layering sequential, educational material along the route with students’ personal and team development.

Our qualified & experienced bushwalking and kayaking leaders guide your students through every step of their life changing experience.

There are journey based experiences at locations including the Heysen Trail, Kuitpo Forest, Mt Crawford and Deep Creek Conservation Park.

Kayaking journeys along the River Murray.

Journey based experience locations include
  • Multiple sections of the Heysen Trail
  • Kuitpo Forest
  • Mt Crawford
  • Deep Creek Conservation Park.
  • Southern Flinders
  • Kayaking journeys along the River Murray.

It all begins with the kids approaching their "night out" with varying degrees of trepidation as they pack their rucksacks under the watchful eye our trained bushwalking leaders. Once packed, they head off to their destination which can be anywhere from 15minutes to 3 hours away. The program follows a fairly set pattern from here on... Arrival, tent setting, some site orientation, meal preparation with trangias, night games and sleeping. (None of that "stay up all night stuff" on this type of camp). Early to bed means early to rise. Crisp, still mornings with kids rolling out of tents and a single column of blue smoke rising from a just rekindled campfire is one of the true joys of this style of camping. A leisurely breakfast follows and then it’s time to pack up and head back to base camp. Walking into base camp is the best. Not because it's over, but because of the looks on faces and the constant chatter about the experience. There is a definite change in everyone's self-esteem which has come from our innate sense of adventure.

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