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Tribal Challenge

Tribal fun activities focusing on problem-solving and developing supportive team skills.

Suits: Years 5 - 7
Locations: Available at all sites
Program Length: Camps & day programs
Combine With: All programs

Benefits of our Tribal Challenge Program

Students compete in their tribes in a series of fun ‘Survivor’ style challenges!
Your students will think outside the box of their urban experience and build their outdoor education skills & knowledge.
You will see changes in students’ self – reliance & risk awareness

Activities include
  • Tribal Challenges
  • Navigation
  • Search & rescue
  • Basic first aid
  • Shelter building

"Teamwork requires people to work cooperatively with others towards a shared purpose. For a team to work together effectively, it takes all members of the team to respect each other’s abilities and opinions. Teamwork is a highly social activity and involves much interaction and exchanging of ideas and actions. Being part of a team enables children to move from more intrapersonal (individual) ways of thinking to interpersonal (communicating with others). It will help a child in all areas of their learning, and help them to feel part of a community, too."  (Source:


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